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Welcome to Elite Language Services inc

Since 2003, Elite Language Services, inc. has endeavored to create the perfect system of inter-language communication to meet our clients’ language translation needs. In order to achieve our goal of delivering resound and accurate translation services to customers, Elite Language Services and Interpretation has worked tirelessly to incorporate qualified professionals and is now proud to feature a large and broad pool of translators and interpreters to serve you. Our translators are experts in their fields of specializations including, but not limited to, a large selection of college graduates, attorneys, engineers, and certified translators.

Our previous projects have included Department of Defense contracts which required hundreds of interpreter’s who were contracted for 24 hour missions for months at a time.In addition, Elite founders have had over 20 years of combined experience working with interpreters and translator on various military instillation, training United States armed forces in cultural training, situational awareness, and language familiarization during the pre-deployment phase.

Through our vast and experienced linguistic professional, we are able to offer our clients’ top tier services and it is our precision and responsiveness that allows us to provide superior services when providing multi-language and verbal requests.

Located in San Diego, CA, we are home to a vast array of professional language experts who are able to serve our clients in over 150 languages. At Elite, we pride ourselves on our reliability, competitive pricing, as well as maintaining the highest level of accuracy in translation.


Elite Language Services prides itself on offering only the best interpreters in the industry. We are always seeking to hire experienced linguists to provide interpreting services. These independent contract positions offer flexible scheduling, competitive pay, and the opportunity to help Limited English Proficient communities