ELITE has a network of over 1500 interpreters to provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services, using both on site interpreters and over the phone interpreters. These services can be used for courtroom appointments, medical appointments, and more. While in-person interpretation is the cornerstone of language disciplines, relying on speed and accuracy to ensure precision and understanding, phone interpretation is also a familiar and convenient option, while still providing excellence in communication.

ELITE contracted interpreters are not only proficient in both the original and target languages requested; they also possess dialect and Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge needed to ensure an accurate interpretation. We have experience in providing professional interpretation services in all types of scenarios and settings:


Our interpreters have extensive experience in various medical settings and certified by national healthcare accredited organizations. Our experience includes routine checkups, specialty appointments, surgical procedures, emergency appointments, behavior health appointments and more.


Court interpreting requires certified interpreters. Our certified interpreters have experience working with courts and law firm court proceedings for both criminal and civil cases, dispositions, trials, arbitration, and mediations.  We also provide interpreters for immigration and citizenship interviews.


Today our society is more culturally diverse than ever before, and social services organizations and agencies regularly work with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients. Language barriers can pose challenges for providers and workers who may not be equipped to communicate effectively. Elite provides professional interpreters for social workers to conduct in-house assessments, as well as for family development programs, community services, housing, education, and immigration services. Elite Interpreters staffs all language projects with experienced and well trained interpreters