Generally speaking, transcription means converting audio recorded transcription dictation to the text format; however, transcription consists of much more than that. Basically it depends on the client’s requirement. The 3 types of transcription format which we offer, transcribing audio files world over are as follows:

Verbatim Transcripts

When a verbatim transcript format is required, every single word or line spoke must be recorded and then vocalized by the speaker in an audio file format. ---- will then ensure that the transcription is transcribed properly, including half sentences or phrases that were spoken in the recording.

Edited Transcripts

With Edited Transcripts, a transcriber is able to omit sentences that are not relevant to the transcription without changing the sense of the recording. This does, however, require an in-depth understanding on the transcriber’s part as to what constitutes unnecessary and necessary information.

Intelligent Transcripts

In an Intelligent Transcript, transcribers create an accurate transcript of important information. This form of transcript is typically used while transcribing interviews as it involves conversation-type audio.

These 3 transcript Formats has their own pros and cons and it entirely depends on the client as to which type is require. We have experience in providing professional transcription services in many types settings including:Interviews.

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